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Guide for Shield Responders

Guide for Shield Responders

The StandbyU Shield is a unique, discreet safety solution providing another peace of mind option for your loved ones and colleagues. Your role as a Shield Responder is critical: here is some key information to get you started:

What is involved in the Shield Responder role?

Whenever you receive a phone call from the device, you will be ready to press '3' and accept the call. You can now hear everything around the device. You will also receive a text message and/or email with the location of the device. You will listen, assess and enact the plan you have to change the context for the device user. If your device user has selected the option, you can press '5' to call 000. The 000 Operator will also be able to hear the audio around the device and talk to you, as well as any other Shield Responders that have connected.

What do I need to think about to agree to be a Shield Responder?

You need to be able to respond to a call from the device 24/7. You also need to be confident you can mobilise the plan for safety when required. Have an honest and open discussion with your device user about your capacity to do this.

What are the next steps now I am a Shield Responder?

Once the device is programmed and ready, the Shield tech team will organise a testing time. When this test occurs, you will receive a call from the device and the text and/or email with the location in a Google Maps link.

What if for any reason I am unable to continue being a Shield Responder?

There are many reasons this might be the case - that's okay, just let your device user know as soon as possible. They can amend their plan to remove or replace your details from the plan in their Your Shield portal.

Handy tips for Shield Responders

  • When you receive the first test call from the device, save the number under a name that will ensure you know it's the device calling in the future.

  • Use the emergency bypass feature on Apple iPhone and Android to ensure the contact will always ring loudly, even if your phone is on silent. For instructions on how to do this, use these helpful links:

  • When you connect to a Shield call, the device user is not aware - it is designed this way to be fully discreet - this means, if you connect to the call, make sure you take necessary action to let them know you have connected.

  • If you miss a Shield call, reach into the device user as soon as possible to ensure you can maximise safety whenever able.

  • The StandbyU Shield is designed to be 'hit often, hit early' - this means you won't necessarily need to contact emergency services and 'rush' to the device user's location - make sure you listen, assess and plan your response with other Shield Responders that have connected to the call.

  • Sometimes, your Shield Responder may voice key details into the device, such as a landmark or car registration - it will help them if you take down these details.

  • The device works best when we focus on 'people' and 'plan'. If there is more than one Shield Responder, it sometimes helps to assign roles - for example, one responder will remain and talk to emergency services, one responder will place a phone call to the device user and one responder will immediately start heading to their location.

  • If the device user is in a situation where someone is using violence, sometimes it can help to place a phone call to the person using violence - to cease further behaviour - this entirely depends on your individual circumstances and whether this will enable or decrease safety.

  • After the initial testing process, the device can be self-tested at any time - make sure you encourage the device user to test the device at regular intervals to ensure it is working, just as they need.

Any questions?

Your StandbyU practitioner is able to provide comprehensive and holistic planning support for your individual circumstances - you can always contact them on 1800 069 010 or

If you would like more details about how the Shield works, or would like us to be part of the holistic planning conversation with the device user, please let them, and us, know!

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