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Chris is a social worker with over 25 years’ experience across the child protection and family support sector.  His passion for social justice has gained him national and international recognition as one of Queensland’s longest standing and most respected child protection experts.   He is a co-author of many research papers and is a frequent speaker at national and international symposiums. In 2012, Chris was awarded a Churchill Fellowship and travelled the world exploring ways in which systems can improve the safety and wellbeing of  children, families and communities.

Throughout his career across government, non-government and the private sector, Chris has held many leadership roles and positively influenced culture and change in challenging circumstances.  His journey from social worker to social entrepreneur saw him establish the StandbyU Foundation, continuing his advocacy for change and the provision of timely supports to be offered to our communities most vulnerable.


Ian is known for his customer focus, people leadership and ability to build and inspire high performance teams.

Ian loves big challenges, his proudest achievements have been the successful acquisition & integration of Alphawest into the Optus group of companies, and then leading the Optus-wide involvement in the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games including the flawless delivery of digital connectivity and HD broadcast services to the Games Athletes, Officials, Media and a Global Audience.

Ian has performed a number of CEO and GM roles in the industry and his experience spans sales, pre sales, product, engineering, marketing and all aspects of customer service. 



Charlie is a rare industry technologist who combines her wealth of experience with a zest for seeing through the maze and clutter of enterprise, government and business environments to crystallise a vision for tangible outcomes for her clients.  

Focused on performance; with a passion for business transformation through technology and organisational change, Charlie brings to the StandbyU Foundation a strong commitment to deliver meaningful outcomes to vulnerable children and women at risk of domestic violence sectors. Her devotion to improving outcomes is contagious, and evident through her volunteer work to connect and harmonise services across the domestic violence ecosystem



Julian Vedelago has had a successful career in business ownership and operations for over two decades. During this time, he has held many managerial and leadership roles and more recently, has ventured into investment and commercial property. His experiences have helped him develop a broad range of high level skills across Customer Experience, Human Resources and Risk Management.   

Julian’s passion for social justice is demonstrated through his volunteer work and he currently sits on the Executive Committee of a Brisbane-based Soccer Club. He is also a strong advocate for improving services and support for regional communities and in his spare time, enjoys working on his cattle property in the Lockyer Valley.    


Brett is a strategic thinker bringing to the board an incredibly strong corporate background with over 20 years’ experience in business leadership and executive roles. A strongly committed individual, Brett is currently the Microsoft National Director for Industry - Public Sector, working with a wide range of government agencies in planning and implementing innovative technology solutions that improve the quality and efficiency of citizen digital services. Brett is incredibly passionate about empowering women and children to re-establish safety and security after experiencing violence, Brett’s drive and focus is on improving the quality of health and care provided to Australians, and protecting all our citizens wellbeing.


Kyla, a Senior Associate Lawyer at AJ & Co, a top-tier legal services firm, brings her carefully honed skill set and wide-ranging experience to the board of the StandbyU Foundation. 

With a passion for social justice extending beyond her professional career and into her advocacy for children and women at risk of abuse and domestic violence.  Kyla combines her professional excellence and lateral thinking to manage risk and  solve complex social issues delivering a positive impact for our community’s most vulnerable.


Peter has held senior leadership roles with globally recognised FMCG brands, with a particular focus on the consumer goods sector.  He is renowned by his industry and peers for accelerating growth, turning around businesses and commercialising business models.  Peter’s greatest success has come from creating high performing teams and taking them on the journey to deliver sales and marketing modernisation programs. 

After reporting to owners and boards in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors for the past 25 years, Peter has ventured outside the corporate world to partner with entrepreneurial minded organisations to help them navigate their way to success. 



Phil is the Director and CEO of MURAconnect – an Indigenous owned, controlled, and managed business that delivers innovative business, technology, cultural, and employment services.

Proudly identifying as both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Phil has worked within Indigenous affairs for over 15-years, across both Government and corporate sectors.

Recognising that Family Violence and abuse is causing untold damage to the cultures and fabric of Indigenous societies, Phil is passionate about empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to break the cycles of violence, to feel safe and to flourish. 


Following an accomplished career as a Civil Engineer, Anthony has spent the past decade operating a successful Property Management, Finance and Investment Portfolio Company.   His experiences have helped him develop high level strategic planning skills, analytically thinking and a strong commitment to long term, successful outcomes.   

Whilst seeing the challenges across the child protection and domestic violence sectors, Anthony believes in the power and strength of families.  He has a deep passion and unwavering focus to influence social change that delivers meaningful and positive outcomes to vulnerable children and families across the community. 


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