We harness the power of technology to connect vulnerable individuals to people who know their story, understand their worries and care enough to protect them.

In a world leading approach, the StandByU Foundation programs individual safety plans into next generation wearable devices, allowing at-risk individuals to discreetly trigger an alert to their chosen support network.


A live audio stream, in addition to location and other relevant information, is sent directly to responders allowing for timely and informed choices in maintaining the individual’s immediate safety.

We know that in a crisis, every second counts. That’s why our solutions are designed specifically to deliver the best possible safety and support response in the shortest possible time – removing layers of time, process and cost.

Our solutions are tailored to specifically match individuals and to provide a secure environment for people, assets and the environment - providing real-time support at the touch of a button.

National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women

StandByU works closely with the Commonwealth Government Department of Social Services’ National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and their Children deploying digital safety watches for women experiencing family and domestic violence.


A Research report undertaken as part of this programmed revealed 92% of the women using the devices as part of the program strongly agreed that the device is highly recommended to be used by women who are vulnerable or experiencing violence; 75% strongly agreed that device increased their safety and well-being, 67% strongly agreed that the device increased their Safety Network and their engagement in Safety Planning and that help and support is available when needed


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