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A selection of commentary from StandbyU Foundation Founder and Executive Director, Chris Boyle.

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A simple solution to domestic abuse (7s)Chris Boyle
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A simple solution to domestic abuse (22s)Chris Boyle
00:00 / 00:23
A simple solution to domestic abuse (6s)Chris Boyle
00:00 / 00:06
A long-term solution to domestic abuse (12s)Chris Boyle
00:00 / 00:12
Findings from the trial - 3,000 alerts (7s)Chris Boyle
00:00 / 00:07
Findings from the trial - economic impact (22s) Chris Boyle
00:00 / 00:22
Findings from the trial - 400 bystanders (7s)Chris Boyle
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Findings from the trial - fewer referrals (5s)Chris Boyle
00:00 / 00:06
Findings from the trial - feeling in control (30s)Chris Boyle
00:00 / 00:30
Findings from the trial - women's stories (34s)Chris Boyle
00:00 / 00:34
How the solution works (14s)Chris Boyle
00:00 / 00:14
How the solution works (29s)Chris Boyle
00:00 / 00:29
How the solution works (8s)Chris Boyle
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What the trial involved (18s)Chris Boyle
00:00 / 00:18
Role of friends and family (14s)Chris Boyle
00:00 / 00:14
Role of friends and family (6s)Chris Boyle
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Role of friends and family (10s)Chris Boyle
00:00 / 00:10
The issue we are solving (34s)Chris Boyle
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The issue we are solving (37s)Chris Boyle
00:00 / 00:38


A selection of quotes from the women who participated in the trial.

"It makes me feel safer and less anxious, because I know that if I press the button then somebody can hear what is happening or can see where my last location is, so I feel less anxious because I know that somebody will send help."

"My family has come in like a strong support for me. Now they understand what we have gone through... I feel emotionally safer."

"I definitely feel that it has made us all closer because it has made us talk about [it] and work out what is going to happen."

"It helped connect with people. I have met the neighbours, they are lovely people and they are hopefully coming for Christmas as well."

"Having the StandbyU Shield has given me lots more strength... It gives me a little bit more strength to say I am safe, I am leaving, I am getting out of here."

"Having the watch means I can just press the alarm and other people can get in contact with the police for me, so this is very reassuring. I feel a lot more secure having the watch now."

"It just gives me my freedom back to freely choose what I want to do, where I want to go."

"My 8-year-old has learnt to swim, ride a bike, she [is] not scared, [and is] eating food now... she is happier... It has given us more freedom, and it has given us more safety out.

"I think it is a very good idea because from my experience of DV, a lot of the time women believe if they have the evidence of recording what happens to them then they know they will be believed."

"For her, it is her personal safety, and for me that peace of mind that I know she could contact me if she needs."

"My mum hears and she just comes in. She turns up and you know it stops him. As soon as somebody else turns up he can’t keep going on doing what he has been doing, because there is a witness."

"The watch has a normal look. My ex-partner thinks it is a Fitbit type, he did not pay any attention, he's got something similar and thinks I have got one of those."

"They were really concerned especially with this impending move of my ex-partner and now it is like ‘you have got a watch dog on your wrist and we can be there within minutes’."

"He was really hurting him… And once [he] realised that I had pushed that button, he pretty well stopped what he was doing."

"He can’t behave the way he has been before. He is going to have to find different ways to manage his own behaviour."


A selection of quotes from the Act for Kids staff supporting the women.

"When family or women are given something which they can hold and use instantly, it actually makes people feel listened to."

"DV impacts the whole family and that’s why I believe it makes real sense within a family support services. That is, the perspectives of all family members are considered, their needs and worries, goals and hopes and dreams are considered. That’s really unique within a family support space not just DV space."

"She had less kind of need to contact services because she felt independent again and I think that was a really good thing."

"You see the change that they feel more empowered. They have taken the safety in their own hands."

"Inside the family they were house bound, isolated from the community, horrified to leave the home, and anecdotally my colleague was at a community festival at the Gold Coast and saw the entire family out with their safety watches and their support docs as well. So, the message for her was ‘oh my, they feel safe enough now that they can all leave home as a family’."

"I think relief for me as a DV practitioner, it gives me huge sense of relief when I know that we have got not just the device with the family because it is about so much more than the device, but is about what it actually provides with the family, that immediate access to support and the response that they can rely on, and they haven’t had to qualify for."

"I think what also gives them a sense of relief is to know that their responders can conference call the police and it is their decision, it is not her decision at that point. And I think that allows a lot of relief from mom as well in that moment that she doesn’t also have to think about ‘do I need to call the police’ and what are the consequences of that. Someone else is actually going to make that call…"

"If a woman says her personal safety has enhanced due to the [StandbyU Shield], that is the perfect outcome for me because it is all about making them feel re-safe, reconnected to community. And everything from there flows out, flows on to your children, flows on to you, preventing you from doing normal activities that actually keeps you isolated. But if you feel safe, you start to reconnect with the community."

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