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  • What is different about the StandbyU Shield?
    At StandbyU Foundation, our decades' of experience walking alongside those experiencing abuse or isolation tells us nothing is more critical than listening to their voices, as they are the experts in their own lives. The development of the StandbyU Shield is the result of this - not an off-the-shelf safety device: a unique, innovative Australian product and service that gives you the power and control, using your connections, to design a plan that means the most, to you. It seamlessly connects you to those who care; those who know what support you need. It is a standalone device that does not require being near your phone to operate.
  • How do I qualify for a Shield?
    There are no specific criteria hurdles to qualify for the Shield. Do you feel scared, nervous or fearful around someone in your life? Then you qualify. As we assist you to plan for your peace of mind, we will take you through how the Shield works and what it does and you can make the decision about whether you would like to try it for your circumstances.
  • What happens when I hit the Shield Safety Button?
    It's really quick and easy to activate your StandbyU Shield. Simply press and briefly hold the Shield Safety button on your device and you’ll be automatically connected to your Shield Responders. They will: * Receive a call they press a button to accept, which enables them to hear everything around your device * Receive a text message with a Google Maps link to the location of you and your device * Be able to talk and plan with each other to respond * Be able to bring Emergency Services into the conference call if required. If you choose when you set up your plan, your device will also record ten minutes of audio.
  • What do I tell my Shield Responders so they can support me best?
    Your Shield Responders - your people - are the most critical part of your plan. When they become your Shield Responders, they need to be part of the planning process, and understand their role and responsibility to you. Make sure you send them to: The Shield Guide for Responders For information, tips and suggestions for making the most of their role. We encourage you to include your Shield Responders in your planning, including with your Shield team practitioner when you set up your device. If your Shield Responders have any questions, you can call or email us and we will be able to help.
  • How do I create my Shield Plan?
    Once you have your Shield Device, you will have access to the Your Shield portal. Here, you can create or amend your Shield Plan. If you need assistance filling in the form, you can call or email us and we will guide you through.
  • Which plan is best for me?
    There are two different types of plans for your Shield Device: 1. Family and Friends Plan 2. Back2Base Plan With a Family and Friends plan, you can connect up to eight Shield Responders. With a Back2Base Plan, you can connect to a 24/7 trained Monitoring Centre. They still require one Shield Responder to verify information when they receive a call from your device. If you are unsure of which plan is right for you, you can call or email us to find out more. Once you are connected to a plan, you can change it if required.
  • How soon will my plan be activated?
    Generally, a Family and Friends Plan will be programmed and tested within one (1) business day and a Back2Base Plan will be programmed and tested within two (2) business days. If your situation means you are immediately unsafe, we are able to program and test your Family and Friends Plan within two (2) business hours. Speak to your Shield Practitioner if you are worried about your immediate safety. Back2Base Plans are unable to be processed earlier due to Monitoring Centre requirements.
  • How do you support me if I'm experiencing violence or isolation?
    At StandbyU Foundation, we know we are not the experts in your lives. The StandbyU Shield is one of the services we provide, however we can also assist with holistic planning - advice and linking you to services who can provide: * Accommodation support * Financial guidance and advocacy * Resources * Home Safety upgrades * Counselling * And more, as required. We can also provide you information about the dynamics of the use of violence and patterns of abuse. We believe the only person accountable to the use of violence, is the person using it. Accordingly, we will walk down potential pathways of peace of mind for you, however will never judge you and your decisions. We believe your choices are the best for you, when you're making them. We can also provide assistance to the person using violence, including brief intervention and linking to relevant services.
  • Can my kids use the StandbyU Shield?
    We have many children using a StandbyU Shield - we will discuss your individual circumstances as to whether it is appropriate for your child/ren.
  • What do people using it say about the Shield?
    We have many people reach in to us and share their Stories of Hope using the Shield. You can read some of them here.
  • Can someone stop the Shield after the button is pressed?
    The Shield is designed to ensure you are connected to your Shield Responders every time. This means there is no way to stop or abort the call, text or recording. Unlike a mobile phone or other safety device, you have the peace of mind knowing you are being connected to your Shield Responders, every time. In the event you accidentally press the Shield Safety button, all you need to do is verbalise that it was an accident. There is no cost or penalty for this :) Whilst the Shield device is there for you in times of immediate danger, it is designed to be 'hit often and hit early' - if you have that 'gut feeling' or you know the person is calm now however always escalates quickly, make sure you press it.
  • How do I retrieve an audio recording?
    You email us at or call us on 1800 069 010. You will require your password to obtain an audio recording.
  • How do I know if one of my Shield Responders has connected?
    The Shield is designed purposefully to be discreet. There is no indication on or around the device that one of your Shield Responders has connected. When you are planning with your Shield Responders, make sure they will reach back into you once they receive and accept the call. If you haven't heard from your Shield Responders, you know you need to use an additional strategy, including calling Emergency Services if required.
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